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Some New Stuff

May 8th, 2012 — 12:25am

Just so the spambots who are the only visitors to this site don’t think I’m dead, here are some updates:

  • I recently directed a music video for Nacosta. It was a relatively simple concept, but I’m excited to muck around with it in After Effects. Here’s a blurry, un-color corrected still:

  • Scare to Care, the fundraiser charity I co-founded with my brother, is gearing up again. It’s taking place from May 25-28, and should be a hilarious assault upon my psyche.
  • Finally, I’m currently looking for new work in the entertainment industry. If you were considering hiring me and you found this site, congratulations. You had the good sense to google my name to see if I was an upstanding citizen of the law. Which I am. You’re also a beautiful person. I’m back in the industry, everyone.

Stay tuned for more updates, robots that crawl this site to check if I’m saying unpatriotic things. Hopefully some big things are happening in my life soon.

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Scare to Care

May 6th, 2011 — 12:26pm

I’m working on a fundraiser with my older brother to benefit Camp Kesem UCSD, an organization which puts on a yearly summer camp for the children of cancer patients.  The fundraiser is video game related, and has to do with me crying out of fear over a live video stream.  You can find out more about the event on its website.

I was perusing this site’s stats and noticed that a grand total of zero people have visited it in the last month.  While I completely expect this, if you see this post and donate to the charity, you’ll have made my life.

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